Festival Pod Parou is characteristic for its focus on punk, punkrock, hardrock, ska, rockabilly and rock'n'roll and its programe of each year shows that it belongs among the most unique festivals in Czech Republic and central Europe. 

Roots of the festival go to the year 2003, as a 2-day festival in Moravska Trebova in a place called "Na Krizovem Vrchu" which lasted there for 2 years and some of the best punk bangs of that time performed at the festival. For the next two years the festival was moved to a new place called "U hajenky" where one of the first foreign band performed. Due to an insufficient capacity the organizers had to find another suitable area for the festival which was then "Na lisci stezce". The festival took place there for the next four years and the following bands were introduces such as THE TOY DOLLS, ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE, VICE SQUAD, THE ADDICTS, STREET DOGS, THE VARUKERS, THE CARBURETORS, MAD SIN, THE EXPLOITED and number of other bands.

Again, due to the insufficient capacity the organizers decided to move the festival to a new area called "Pod Hrebcem" where they could put up 3 stages and extend the festival to three days as it was a 10 years anniversary pf same. Throughout those 3 days there were nearly 90 performances, for example, MADBALL, 999, DISCHARGE, THE MISFITS, SKATALITIES, DEAD KENNEDYS, BAD RELIGION, AGNOSTIC FRONT, THE ADICTS, THE TOY DOLLS, THE CASUALITIES, THE EXPLOITED, JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICIN, OLD FIRM CASUALS, SKINDRED, BIOHAZARD, CONFLIKT, BUZZCOCKS, COCK SPARER and number of other bands. 

On the day of the opening of the 12th year of the festival the sky opened wide and the amount of rain that was pouring down was more than in all those previous years together. The damage caused by the heavy rain showed at the end of the festival especially the damaged technical equipment. 

Blátivý ročník 2014

This has resulted in a necessary move to a new place which will be held, the first time in our history, totally outside Moravska Trebova and suburbs as there were no suitable areas for the festival. The coming 13th year of the festival will be held in town Vyskov at the airport area Marchanice which is known for its natural reservation and is also European's significant location. 

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